We love attending Bee Kind Music classes.  We are very happy to have found the music classes at Playtown Express.  It is always a great time.” - Yolanda (mom)

— Bee Kind Music Class Attendee

The music and instruments were perfect for this age group.  We loved it!!” - Katie (mom)

— Bee Kind Music Class Attendee

Our daughter loved dancing and shaking her instruments to live music.  The bubbles and rainbow scarves were also a big hit!” - Mary (mom)

— Bee Kind Music Class Attendee

As a Speech and Language Pathologist, Carrie's Bee Kind music classes are so exciting to me!  I work in the Early Intervention setting and use music daily in my therapy sessions. Music is such a wonderful, natural way to engage children and create positive interactions.  These positive interactions are the foundation of communication and language development.  Studies show that music can accelerate brain development in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills.  The built in repetition encourages the use of words, the expansion of vocabulary and improved memory.  Music helps develop children's ability to process different sounds which is crucial to learning to read.  Kids lean to joyfully express themselves through music and music provides opportunities for children to develop their confidence as effective communicators. Carrie's positive energy and infectious enthusiasm combined with hands on learning experiences offer a wonderful environment to build social connections for children and caregivers. W hat an amazing opportunity for families!” - Liz Klein, SLP

— Speech & Language Pathologist

Dear Carrie, Thank you to you and Adrienne for a lovely performance here at Tower Hill during our Holly Days season. It was wonderfully festive and it was great to see you involving the kids, yet still appealing to the adults.  A perfect mix!! Thank you again!!” - Lynn Chaput

— Tower Hill Botanic Garden

The songs are outstanding in every way - songwriting, production, vocals and musicianship. The graphic design is great as well.  I am very impressed.  Carrie is clearly an artist worthy of your time and attention.  ” - Gene Foley

— Foley Entertainment , Inc.

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you how we feel about Carrie Rowan and her fantastic children’s music program!  “Miss Carrie” has a true gift when it comes to children’s music, rhythm, movement, and FUN for the body and soul!  She has a tremendous repertoire of songs, games and developmentally appropriate activities for children of all ages and abilities.  She skillfully paces her music classes, observes her students and modifies her program as needed to help each child get the most out of every class.  Miss Carrie is positive, cheerful, approachable and so very in tune with her students.  She always greets her students prepared and organized for her day so that her classes run smoothly and efficiently.  It’s hard not to tap a foot or sing along while watching Carrie in action with our students.  She has a way about her that makes all kids feel good about themselves, their bodies, their minds, their abilities, and of course, music.  Carrie Rowan gives a great gift to children and adults alike, through her music ~ she gives to them the ability to discover and celebrate the music they each hold within themselves.  Carrie’s music programs are a musical treat for youngsters of all ages and we wish that children everywhere could have a chance to discover the magic of music through her.  Thank you Miss Carrie!! May, 2012” - Gretchen Hartnett and Laura Eppen

— Southborough Village Preschool

Carrie's sweet voice, her love of music and joy for working with children enriches our preschool music program. Her own creativity along with input from the children makes for a fun and exciting music experience.” - Marilyn McCarthy, Director

— Nativity Community Nursery School

Having Ms. Carrie as our preschool music teacher was one of the best decisions we ever made!  She teaches the children so much more than just songs and singing.....beats, rhythm, drumming, pitch, and always FUN!!  The children cannot wait for her to arrive!!” - Marty Henderson, Director

— Southboro Village Preschool

Come sing and dance along with Carrie Rowan, one of the library’s most-loved performers!  The Northborough Free Library is lucky to have Carrie performing once a month up through spring…come join us for musical fun!  Registration begins towards the end of each month, and all are welcome.  Carrie is most popular with our pre-school aged children; and her fun, upbeat, sing-along songs can be enjoyed by all children.    ” - Laura Brennan, Children's Librarian

— Northborough Free Library

Dear Miss Carrie, Thank you so much for the wonderful performance on Tuesday.  Your voice is lovely!  You have a wonderful rapport with the children, and your enthusiasm is indeed contagious! We would love to have you back again in the future.  We'll be sure to spread the word in this area. Thanks again for sharing your talent with the children here in Duxbury! Sincerely, Marty O.” - Marty, Children's Librarian

— Duxbury Free Library